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45-Minute Konversion Workout of the Day.


Our group workouts are designed to maximize your ability to learn proper form and technique through interval and strength training combinations. With a focus on speed, strength and agility, combined with bursts of intense anaerobic exercises our program will be sure to build a strong foundation for any athletes personal fitness regimen.

We have three types of classes that you will see on our schedule:
- Interval
- Strength & Skill
- Metcon

Interval days are built into our programming so that each athlete can frequently work on multiple movements within a time period that is designed to build strength, mobility, and endurance. Having a blend of movements and modalities within a workout allows each athlete to progress at a faster rate, usually on a 45 second on and 20 second off interval.

Strength and skill days are built into our programming so that any athlete, no matter where they are at on their fitness journey, can either push past their previous personal record or simply focus on learning the basics of the movement.

Metabolic conditioning days are built into our programming so that the athlete can display their strength and skill developed from interval day and strength day workouts. They will visually see their level of performance, which will allow them to set goals to either reach the KVFIT standard or to exceed it. Not only will the athlete’s mental capacity be tested, but their aerobic and anaerobic system will be pushed outside of their comfort zone.

Each class will have advancements, suggestions and modifications for any fitness level.

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