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From being inspired, to inspiring others transformation: Robin

Robin's testimony over the year and recently finishing here 3 month transformation. We are so proud!


How were you feeling before you started training with me? What was going on in your

fitness journey?

I had been living in LA part time and working with a trainer there for 8 months that I had great success with, complete trust in his coaching, and had lost 55 lbs. of my initial 70 lbs. goal. Moved back to San Clemente and was very stressed about finding another trainer, been to one for a few sessions but didn’t click with her and spoke with a few before connecting with you. Frankly, your photos and young age (compared to me, since you’re about my sons’ ages) intimidated me so you were not the 1st one I contacted. I wasn’t sure we’d be able to relate to each other or that you wouldn’t be judgmental. Wanted to continue my transformation to a new healthy and fit lifestyle and reach my goals and set new ones.

Update 11-28-18

As of starting the fat loss transformation challenge felt great to be at my weight of 132; wasn’t easy getting there but felt ready to buckle down to get to ultimate weight goal of 125 lbs., especially with vacation coming up. Getting to 135 was a

huge accomplishment of 81 lbs. lost, but I believed I could be even better and do more. Ongoing training helped foster this belief. Ended the challenge at 124.1 for all time low.


Why did you start training with Konversion fit?

After our initial meeting I felt like we could work together, so signed up for one session to start. After that one, thought might be a fit. I need to be challenged and pushed to test my limits and felt you would do that. Especially since I gave you my list of the things I didn’t, wouldn’t, couldn’t do and you gave me your quizzical look and said we’d change

that. (In my mind didn’t think we would, but went with it)

Update 11-28-18

After working with Josh for some time, I can’t imagine not training either one on one or in classes. I decided to do the challenge because I love challenges; not necessarily for competing with others but challenging myself. And the camaraderie of a group going through the same thing was a plus too in the private client group Josh created specifically for this challenge.


What have you learned training, nutrition, etc.?

I learned never to think I cannot physically do something and get comfortable with getting out of my comfort zone. I said I couldn’t run, you didn’t buy that and kept challenging me that I could, I just didn’t like to, it was uncomfortable, and you just didn’t accept any of my excuses. With progressive interval training with you, I am now running. You taught me that running is a movement, not necessarily a speed. I get that now and I do it. I also said I couldn’t/didn’t do sit ups or pushups. Do them now. I couldn’t do a burpee, do them now. I’m looking forward to doing more things I can’t do


Update 11-28-18

After rereading the above, I am amazed at how much progress I have made since I first wrote this. Sit ups, pushups, burpees, (I like them, and really like inchworm burpees!) And now really running for speed and not just the movement of running. Josh challenged me to do this `1-2 times per week with the goal of beating my time progressively. First run was 12:25 and by the 5th run did it in 10:30. I don’t know that I will ever really enjoy running, but I like the challenge of trying to improve, plus the confidence in knowing I can really run. Strength gains also huge. Nutrition; learning about macros, still learning, and how they effect my goals. How to eat well, healthier and use macros to balance. Still a challenge but learning continues. As I said before, when we started the nutrition phase, you said you never had a client that didn't reach their goals if they followed your protocols. If I did and didn't achieve my goals, then it would be on you. I believed in what you set for me to do each week and tried to adhere as much as possible to what you set up for me and was successful in

reaching my goal.

Update 11-28-18

Still doing macro management with Josh – I have learned how to adjust on my own when I need to, but that’s for when I slip up; I still like and need the

accountability and adjustments made when things are not moving forward. But I know how to find the right foods now when I am traveling; case in point when the best thing I could find on a recent trip was Whataburger – they have salads and

easy to find macro/nutrients for all their foods. If not, I can calculate the ingredients. No longer frustrating for me; if I am having something specific for

dinner, I can input it and plan my meals before accordingly. Knowledge is confidence but having Josh available to consult with when I need help is very reassuring.


How did training impact or change your life?


Incredible, doing full push ups, sit-ups, running. Agility, I always said I couldn’t crouch, lunge, anymore, because my knees were bad, had ACL replacement on one and meniscus repair on the other. You didn’t accept that and told me it was because my muscles supporting my knees were weak. You were right. All things I have never done

my entire life. My family is amazed. The strength I have built with resistance training. And of course, the changes in my weight, overall size, how I look in the mirror, how clothes fit, fat loss, last body fat test said I am solidly in the “athletic” range. Have lost a total of almost 82 lbs.; 30 since I started with you, but the change in appearance from when I began with you is also more significant. You don’t ask about overall health, but for the 1st time is almost 20 years I am off blood pressure medication. No doctor would ever decrease my dosage or consider it due to my weight.

Update 11-28-18

The physical changes are even more astonishing. I’ve built so much muscle, I do double takes when I see myself in the mirror or in pictures. The 12-week challenge before and after photos surprised me in so far as the muscle tightness, especially in my arms and back. Overall looking leaner and trimmer too. Love being in pictures, videos where I have to scrounge to find before photos. Wearing different style of clothing than I ever have in my life; tighter fitting, showing off arms (never wore anything sleeveless or strapless before in my life as I never liked how my arms and shoulders looked).



Confidence is huge, pushing myself outside of working with you, especially in my classes at Orange Theory and feeling confident to walk into one of their studios for a class when I travel and in hotel gyms. Going up in weight training, reps, trying a new movement. Love being in photos, where I have to search hard for ones from before.

Update 11-28-18

Confidence is even a bigger factor now; especially in Konversion classes when someone is new and asks me if I have always been this fit and strong. I kind of laugh to myself especially when they’re so much younger than me. Whereas before I didn’t want people to know my age, now I enjoy seeing the look on their face when I tell them I’m 64 and that I have lost over 90 pounds. It’s the confidence factor. Josh knows how sensitive I was to this before. I always believed age was just a number but knew not everyone felt this way. With being fit, I just don’t care if others don’t get it and I’m proud of what I have done and will continue to do, regardless of my age. I couldn’t do what I do now when I was in my 20’s, so it proves age is just a number. Having recently been on vacation and working out with KVFIT classes I took with me, having strangers approach me and compliment me on my form, strength, muscles and wanting to work out with me was just so awesome. I was less mindful of what I ate and drank and gained more weight on vacation than I set as a bar but was confident enough in the discipline and lifestyle habits Josh taught me to enable me to get back on track the day I returned.


Much the same as above but feel less stressed and more relaxed. Sleep better. Happier overall too.


How long have we been training together? What were your goals? What goals did you

achieve? Ex. fat loss, muscle, aesthetics, size?

I went back and looked through my calendar, we have had 90 sessions together as of today. Our 1st session was on August 18, 2017. My initial goal was to get off about 6 lbs. before leaving on vacation and a 10-day cruise on Sept. 10th . Also, to get into a cocktail dress I had from about 22 years ago. Goal accomplished. You also taught me to allow myself to enjoy my vacation without guilt. Gained 5.5 lbs. and had it off in about 10 days. Next goal was to reach my 70 lb. weight loss by Nov. 23. Done. Next goal was 81 lbs. by April 1 st . Done. We have set new goal of another 5 lbs., but the strength and fat loss are priority.

Update 11-28-18

Achieved the additional 5 lb. goal plus another 6 for a total of 92 lbs. gone. The cocktail dress I got into a year ago is now way too big, had to get all new clothes for this year’s vacation. Did before and after photo from last year checking in for cruise to this year; I was feeling pretty good last year with what I had accomplished in my transformation, but when I look at myself now, it’s incredible. Also, did body fat test on 1/29/18 for first time ever. No idea what is was before but would have been in very unhealthy/obese range for sure. Was 27.2% body fat, weighed 144.2. At retest on 4/1/18 weighed 136.5, 23.1% body fat. Lost the weight in fat, not lean mass or muscle. Went from being Average to solidly Athletic for a woman in my age group.

Update 11-28-18

With Josh’s measurement tool for body fat, I came in at the start at 30.9 and 22.4BMI and ended at 26.4 and 20.9. So regardless of the measurement tool, it shows solid improvement. I think I was in a size 12 when I started with you, now a size 8.

Update 11-28-18

Now a solid size 6! I still don’t believe it. Fitness & Strength progress: squat 100 x 5 -> 165 x 5 or run a mile without stopping So many; running, doing pushups first barely able to do on knees and now from full plank position, 3 sets of 10, doing 10 burpees well; holding planks; sit ups, walking lunges. Doing step ups with confidence. Doing TRX and banded pull ups without any assistance. Jogging the annual Dana Point Turkey Trot. Running 4 miles in less than an hour, when I never ran before I started training with you. And progressively going up in


Update 11-28-18

Too many stats and PR’s that I can’t remember! The running a mile is huge. Big one is overcoming fear on doing simple tricep dips and step ups due to insecurity and inability to maintain core strength position and control. But every week its either a new PR in weight or volume. I couldn’t do this if I was only taking your classes; the Personal Training sessions are what make a material difference in building strength and my self-confidence. Plus, the knowledge that you share with me when I’m training with you one on one. It also gives me the opportunity to practice what I found challenging or couldn’t do in a class.


Overall Feedback:

Josh- so much respect for your professionalism, knowledge and passion for what you do. Love working out with you; look forward to every session. Never know what you’re going to throw at me and how it’s always different, even if it’s the same thing we’ve done before, it’s still a variation. Never boring, always challenging. After having so much success and trust with my trainer in LA, I didn’t think I would be fortunate enough to find someone that I could have the same level of trust and confidence in training with that would keep me motivated, push me and help me get to my goals; but the process of improving won’t stop. I’m healthier and fitter than I was 25 years ago. Maybe in my entire life. So appreciative of how you’ve helped me get to this level and instilled in me the desire to keep going for more.

Update 11-28-18

Same as above- but also, I like the fact that you don’t make it easy for me as I get better; you generally have the answers to questions but make me think and realize the why behind everything I do, in both successes and slip ups. As we have continued our sessions, I like how it’s become more of a partnership, with me prompting you sometimes to increase weights or change macros. This may sound hokey, but I look forward to Mondays because it’s the start of a new training week. I try to plan my work travel to avoid missing too many days of personal training, as I know I can catch classes on the road or get cardio in at hotels.

Lets get your transformation started today:

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