12 weeks of coaching for fatloss
	Goal setting session (30 - 1 hour) 
	None cookie cutter ALL individual
	Weekly check-ins w/ adjustments as needed
	Nutrition recommendations towards individual goal
	Learn how to lose fat, track nutrition and create a deficit through caloric intake and expenditure
	Training/ cardio recommendtaions
	Private facebook group
	Guaranteed results if adherence is present (extension until goals are met)
	Must be able to have access to facebook, email, (excel or google drive)

12 Week Transformation Package (fatloss only) - LIMITED

  • 1. When does it start? The challenge will start once you get your individual starting (the
    actual 3 months)
    2. How long is? It is 12 weeks
    3. Why is it so long? So we can learn about your body which usually takes a few weeks,
    plus don't need to do drastic things in order to obtain goal
    4. What do I get with the package? Goal session session (50$ value), weekly check-ins,
    starting protocol, private facebook group (fat loss group), AND HIT YOUR GOALS
    5. What is a goal session? Where we discuss the goal we want to achieve (individually)
    6. How much is it? 450$ for 3 months. Comes out to less the 40$ a week. Discounted
    from my usual 500 3 month transformation but doesn’t include prize and special group.
    7. What will I eat? Whatever you want when taking health, moderation into consideration.
    The amounts will have to be enforced not as much restricted food
    8. What if I have intolerances? We can work through it whether it be vegan, guten free or
    dairy free
    9. How will we track food? Either tracking macros or we create a meal plan
    10. Can I drink alcohol? Yes in moderation
    11. What about holidays? We can conquer anything, there will always be obstacles
    12. What can you predict from the 12 weeks? Depends on how much you have to lose?
    But up to .5 to 1 lb a week so anywhere from 6 - 20 lbs
    13. How will we be judging the transformation? Pictures + body fat% + body% lost
    14. What is the Private facebook group for? Motivation, questions, food, training, nutrition
    15. What is the overall goal? To learn your body, achieve a success cut, know how to
    change your body for your individual goals.
    16. What happens after transformation? Continued goals on own, option for continued
    17. What happens if I don’t get my goals? YOU WILL but If you adhere to the plan I will
    guarantee results or extend the 3 months until you achieve them
    18. What's the prize? Cash prize
    19. If you have anymore questions please ask or private message me
    20. LET'S DO THIS


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