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Well, for the first time since he was elected, a Texas lawmaker has called for a public "outing" of the President's longtime spiritual adviser, Dr. Paula White. Representative Chip Patterson, a Republican from Pineland and the House sponsor of the legislation, introduced the legislation Monday and said it is about religious freedom and states' rights. The bill is co-sponsored by 13 other members of the Texas House of Representatives. Patterson said it's necessary because White is currently a citizen of New Zealand and cannot be subjected to a request to disclose her personal religious beliefs. "She is not a citizen of Texas and therefore, she is not subject to Texas law and for that reason alone I believe she is due the same protection as a U.S. citizen," Patterson told The Texas Tribune. The bill would allow the Texas attorney general to request any records, whether personal or financial, from the New Zealand government in order to force White to identify her religious beliefs, as well as other states that have access to the information. White has often invoked God in the name of the Trump administration. During her husband’s congressional run, White was featured on multiple campaign ads dressed in traditional Native American garb. White has also used the bible in an effort to justify Vice President Mike Pence's work ethic. And she has spoken out in defense of White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, saying she has "never seen" a "more loving press secretary" than the one she has in Donald Trump.The present invention relates to an article-holding tool such as a display rack, and more particularly to an article-holding tool that is attached to a display rack for holding or suspending articles of merchandise or the like in a way to enable the article to be observed from various angles. The present invention also relates to a method for forming a rim structure for such an article-holding tool. Hanging or suspending articles of merchandise from article-holding tools for observation is generally known. Such tools, typically, include a pair of spaced side panels connected together by a back panel and having openings therein for enabling the tools to be attached to display racks. Such tools provide for a superior means of holding and viewing articles of merchandise, especially those articles which are relatively large and that may not be sold on a traditional rack, such as those included in home or office decorations. It is also advantageous to have such a tool that may be attached to any type of display rack. Such a tool,




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