Tamara Salinas 

 Coach Tam was born in San Diego, California. Moving around quite a bit as a child due to her fathers’ job as a United States Marshall. Her family settled down in Magnolia, Texas where she did most of her “growing up”, making her a true Texan, accent and all! At this young phase in her life she fell in love with athletics, which was a mandatory in middle school. She quickly became known as the squat and dead lift queen which resulted in the nickname "Quadzilla" due to her massive quads. Playing multiple sports such as volleyball, track, swimming, and power lifting in grade school as well as at a club level, is what guided Tamara’s passion for the gym and throwing weights around. It became her second nature, sanctuary and my home away from home.


Embarking on the college scene Tamara found local gym to train and work part time. The owners and trainers quickly took Tamara under their wing and became her mentors and family. Encouraged her to get her first personal training certification with PFIT, known as a very popular and difficult training course in Texas. This ignited the birth of Tamara’s career as a fitness professional.  


 After school and finding love with a San Clemente native, now coach Tam was ready to fulfill her goals and move back to beautiful California, put down roots & share her passion for fitness and health.  


 With a thirst for knowledge and continual growth Tamara has racked up a few more certifications. She is now a NESTA and NASM Certified Personal Trainer as well as a NASM Fitness & Nutrition Specialist....with many more to come!


 She is the current the Founder of the I Can't To I Can Academy, a three phase process designed to transform high achievers and entrepreneurs mentally from "I Can't" into "I MOTHER FU*KING CAN!" while gaining self-love and the ultimate dream body all within 90 days or less.

Her specialty is working with athletes on gaining speed, agility and balance as well as creating the perfect meal plans to keep you feeling sexy, fit, fearless and strong! You will find this fierce Texan on the gym floor delivering her sass, humor and knowledge we just know “Y’all” are going to fall in love with.   


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