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KVFIT Testimony: Kaylah

How were you feeling before you started the KVFIT transformation with me? What was going on in your fitness journey? When I started the KVFIT transformation I had just gone through a year journey of losing 50lbs. After the weight loss I felt like I hit a wall in my weight. I felt like I was always going to stay the same size and never lose that last bit of fat that I wanted to lose.

Why did you do the KVFIT transformation? I really wanted to go further than where my weight was used to stopping at. My whole life I’ve always been around 150 and a size 8 dress.

What have you learned about training, nutrition, etc? I learned ways to be more efficient with my cardio such as attempting to improve on your speed and time. I learned how to up my weight and build muscle. I also learned tweaks to improve my form. With nutrition I learned more about macros, how to incorporate a variety of foods, and fiber intake.

How did this impact or change your life? Physically: I went down to a size 6 dress. I’ve lost weight around my midsection, which is the area I struggle with body fat. I am way stronger than I have ever been, and I feel the healthiest I ever have. Emotionally: There were some struggles along the way, but I think that my overall attitude towards nutrition and training has improved. Mentally: I feel like I can maintain a healthy lifestyle. What were your goals? What goals did you achieve? Ex. fat loss, muscle, aesthetics, size


My goals were body fat loss, which I did achieve! I lost 3.3% body fat. Going from a 22.5% total body fat to 19.2% body fat. Other goals were to lose weight around my midsection, gain muscle, lose weight without looking gaunt, and to go down a dress size. I achieved all of these!

Fitness & Strength progress: I had several improvements and moved up in weight on all the workouts. However, below I listed the major progresses and I highlighted the ones I’m most proud of. Underhand Grip Pulldown: 70lbs x 12 -> 105lbs x 10 Back Squat: 115lbs x 10 -> 140lbs x 10 DB Flat Bench Press: 30lbs x 10 -> 50lbs x 10 Neutral Narrow Grip Pulldown: 70lbs x 12 -> 110lbs x 10 Rear Delt Fly Machine: 40lbs x 12 -> 75lbs x 12 Assisted Pull ups: 50lbs assist x 10 -> 25lbs assist x10 Seated Row SA: 30lbs x 12 -> 55lbs x 10 OH Tricep Extensions: 25lbs x 12 -> 50lbs x 10 Single Leg Press: 90lbs x 12 -> 150lbs x 10 Goblet Squats: 35lbs x 12 -> 60lbs x 10 I also went from a 50 min elliptical only burning 250cals to a 33 min elliptical burning 305cals. So I cut my time down 20 mins and increased my calorie burn by 50!

Overall Feedback: I’m very happy with my results. It is clear and evident to me that I lost the body fat I wanted to lose. I can see the changes in the mirror, in my clothes, and on the scale. Everyone around me has also mentioned how I look leaner and more fit. In addition, I feel that this process has made me healthier. I was able to gain muscle, lose fat, and reshape my body in a healthy way. There was no crash dieting or excessive working out. It was difficult, but I think it is very maintainable. Having the online support and encouragement was an added bonus. Seeing that others are going through this journey with me helped me stay motivated.

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