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Konversion Fit Testimony – Molly Brooks (5/6/19)

Konversion Fit Testimony – Molly Brooks (5/6/19)

How were you feeling before you started the KVFIT transformation with me? What was going on in your fitness journey?

Before the 12-week KVFIT transformation program, the best way I could describe my fitness journey is inconsistent. I’d be super dedicated sometimes and not so dedicated at others. Even though I had a strong base-knowledge of what I was supposed to be doing, I didn’t have any structure or accountability. Over-all I was just coasting and maintaining where I was, but I wasn’t progressing in any way.

Why did you do the KVFIT transformation?

The simple answer:

I was ready to commit to change and was confident enough to own that I needed help.

The long answer:

I decided to reach out to you and do the transformation because I felt my mind was finally in the right place. I’ve had bad experiences in the past with taking weight loss too far to the point where it became a disorder. Then when I gained all the weight back, I was very down on myself and had a very all-or-nothing attitude when it came to my fitness journey. After working on my mentality a little, I decided to do the KVFIT transformation because I knew it was a program that would promote a balanced approach and a realistic approach to losing fat. I wanted to get out of the yo-yo habit and really find a program that promoted lifestyle changes and healthy attitude toward fitness. I didn’t want a diet program, I wanted something that would help my lose fat, but also help me remain focused on other athletic achievements.

What have you learned about training, nutrition, etc?

Definitely learned about balance in all areas. Training wise, I learned that I was able to achieve results without being in the gym or training every day/all day. Having that balance really helped me achieve consistency, which honestly, I feel is key to working toward goals. Nutrition wise, I was able to refocus on portioning again and while trying to lose fat means a more restrictive diet, I learned I didn’t have to be deprived. Also, a major thing I learned is focusing on the right strength gains in the gym can lead to awesome results in speed/endurance for sports.

How did this impact or change your life?


I feel leaner and stronger and I even stand straighter!


I feel so much more confident in myself. Even small changes in body and fitness have really affected the way I present myself.


Mentally I feel like I can do anything. I’m proud of what I’ve achieved and the progress keeps me motivated to keep going, but also this program has taught me to be proud of the little goals I’ve achieved along the way and enjoy the process.

What were your goals? What goals did you achieve? Ex. fat loss, muscle, aesthetics, size

My goal was definitely fat loss but to also gain strength/speed for my triathlon. I definitely made significant gains in both areas. I lost about 10lbs on the scale. I can also see major changes in the way my clothes fit and see changes in the mirror/pics. I’m getting my body fat % tested next week, so I can update you more after that!  

Fitness & Strength progress: ei. squat 100 x 5 -> 165 x 5 or run a mile without stopping

So much progress that I’m proud of:

1) I shaved about 1:30min off my running pace – I used to average 9:50min/mi and now I’m down to 8:20min/mi

2) I took a ton of weight off my assisted pull-ups – 12x180lbs down to 12x140lbs

3) Deadlift & Squat progress – Deadlift went from 12x95lbs to 10x155lbs // Goblet squat went from 12x35lbs to 12x60lbs

Overall Feedback:

This program was so flexible and maintainable. I’m REALLY busy as you know, but I was able to keep going these 12 weeks without being completely overwhelmed. Your encouragement is so motivating, too. You help recognize when to celebrate, but also see through any BS. Through the Facebook group and check-ins, I was able to feel so accountable, even from 100 miles away.

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