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Konversion Fit Testimony: Hannah

Konversion Fit Testimony: Hannah

How were you feeling before you started training with me? What was going on in your

fitness journey?

I felt like I was in a rut. Doing the same workouts almost everyday and

not pushing myself or seeing results.

Why did you start training with Konversion fit?

I wanted some guidance in the gym and someone to push me. I also wanted nutrition advice to learn about macros and what

amount I should be eating to lose weight and gain muscle.

What have you learned training, nutrition, etc?

I have learned that tracking your food is the best way to see results. I now know an average of how much I should be eating

each day of protein, fat, carbs, and fiber. I also know good sources of each and have been incorporating them into my diet.

How did training impact or change your life?

Physically: My body toned up while training with Josh which is exactly what I wanted

and am going to continue to do. I am more confident in my clothes from my muscles

changing and love the results.

Emotionally: Confidence is key and I want to be the best version of myself. Learning

how to correctly weight train has been awesome and I never see myself not doing it.

Mentally: I felt great mentally during the program and now. I challenged myself in the

gym to complete every workout and it was draining at times but so rewarding after.

How long have we been training together? What were your goals? What goals did you

achieve? Ex. fat loss, muscle, aesthetics, size. We trained for three months together

and I lost 7 pounds based on when we started and when I weighed myself today. 173 to

166. I lost some fat and gained muscle.

Fitness and Strength progress: ei. squat 100 x 5 to 165 x 5 or run a mile without stopping


Overall Feedback: I loved this program and would recommend it to anyone. It kept me

accountable to get to the gym everyday and track my eating. I am going to continue

doing this on my own and hopefully keep seeing better and better results!

Lets get your transformation started today:

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